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Welcome to FastNet

In a world of changing needs, accelerating pace, advancing technology and shrinking distances the Internet is becoming integral for communication, entertainment and information. Which is essentially why we launched Fast Net ISP, an extensive network of Internet Service Provider the most acclaimed Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Bangladesh.
Whether you are small business, large organization or home user we provide affordable, reliable and the fastest cable internet and wireless internet in Dhaka city. Our fiber optic cable Internet is covering a broad area of Dhaka city to provide the fastest ever Internet for Public, Private and Commercial use. FastNet Bangladesh continually strives to provide value for money and an excellent service to all people, companies and organizations in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Fast Net ISP offers a high-speed, high quality, low cost and easy to use Internet connection for homes, empowering consumers to explore the true potential of the Internet.

Fast Net ISP as a service is not just ahead of any other service, but is flexible and scalable to keep pace with increasing Internet needs

Fast Net ISP enables:
  • High Speeds
  • Flexible Products
  • No telephone
It therefore does not require a modem, does not block the telephone line, nor run up telephone call charges. This is because Fast Net ISP runs on a Hybrid Technology that includes an Ethernet Network and Wireless Network for the last mile to a building